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Inventure Academy,Bangalore

Inventure Academy,Bangalore

Bangalore ,562125

Rating : 3.83/5.0

Location : Bangalore      Founded  :1985     Number of views : 887

5.00/5.0 ,

Contact Details :

  • Phone : (080) 27822102 extn 25, +91 9448936678/ 81, 9620122849, 9620149531, (080) 27822101 / 27822102 / 27822103 / 27822104
  • Fax : None
  • Address : Inventure Academy Whitefield – Sarjapur Road Chikkavaderapura Near Dommasandra Circle Bangalore – 562 125
  • Website :N/A
  • Principal :
  • Email : NA

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Inventure Academy,Bangalore


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School Ratings Overall, Academically and Facilities.
  • Overall rating : 3.83
  • Academic rating : 3.87
  • Facilities rating : 5.00

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Inventure Academy,Bangalore is a Kannada medium school located in Bangalore. The foundation stone for the school was laid in 1985.

It is administered as a Co-Educational school . School is affiliated with Others. It comes under Bangalore U South district of Bangalore..

Total strength of students is Login to View . Lowest grade being 8 grade Highest grade being 10 grade .


  • Fees : Login to View

  • Fees Link :

About the School

  • Total Students :Login to View
  • District : Bangalore U South
  • Residential School : TRUE
  • Parent Teacher Association :


  • Admission Dates :Login to View
  • Admission Last Date :Login to View
  • Written test : True
  • Education Board : Others
  • Higher Secondary Board : Others
  • Written Test : True
  • Admission Process :

    The Inventure Academy admission process is simple and transparent. It works on the belief that a personal interaction between parents / authorised guardians, the prospective student and the school’s authorised representatives is of far greater value than any conventional admission test. The process is aimed at giving us an insight into the type of education approach and environment you believe would be appropriate for your child to maximise his/her potential, while giving us a glimpse of the child’s strengths, learning needs and potential. It also gives you, as parents / authorised guardians, a first-hand opportunity to obtain an understanding of how our students and faculty engage with each other, our overall offering, curricula and our education approach.

    Please note:

    • Pre-School and Primary School (Pre K -5) placement will be based on interactions with and recommendations by the Grade Teacher and/or Special Educator for that specific grade.
    • Entrance to Grades 9 to 12: Students will go through a short placement test in specific subjects like English, Mathematics and Science, aimed at evaluating grade appropriate academic competence.
    • Applicants for Grade 11 (AS levels & ISC) may be granted admission based on marks obtained in the Grade 10 Board Examination. However, the School reserves the right to administer a placement test, depending on the choice of board, marks obtained and subjects opted for.
    • Click here for Prerequisites for the AS Level, A Level and ISC Programs
    • Admission in Grades 10 & 12 are very rare, and will only be considered if the student is already pursuing the course of study (ICSE, ISC , IGCSE, or AS/A levels ), opted for and if there is an alignment in subject choices and on performance in the placement test, previous board exams or external diagnostic assessments.

    The following are the steps in the admission process for Parents/ Authorized Guardians of the child:

      1. Browse the website to learn about the school’s philosophy, approach and offering. If you have any questions, or would like to make an appointment to meet us, please call us or mail us on [email protected], you may also use the online Make an Enquiry Form on the website or chat with our online representative via the online chat facility.
      2. Application Form can be purchased from the school office. Besides the form, the Admission Packet contains the School Brochure, the Admission Process, Fee Notification, Fee Policy, Student Information Form and Student Health Form. Alternatively one can download the Application Kit from the school website, and pay the requisite fee towards the admissions packet at the time of submission of the completed application form.


    1. Submit the completed Application Forms along with:
      • 2 photographs
      • A copy of the child’s / applicant’s Birth Certificate
      • Academic records / transcripts for the last 2 years (if applicable)
      • Extra-curricular records or achievement certificates, if any
      • Transfer Certificate, if any
      • Copy of visa / permit (if the student is not a citizen of India)
      • Student Information Form (Bus and Meal Plan, 2nd Language and 3rd Language and Co-Curricular electives)
      • Health Form
    2. Admission Forms are available at our office/ website throughout the year. The admission process for grades Pre K to 8 begins in October of the previous calendar year and grades 9 to 12 begins in January.
    3. Grades Pre K to 8: On commencement of the admission processes, the school will schedule meetings with the Grade Teacher/ Head of Section for us to understand the child and for parents to have a better understanding of our learning approach. Following this the Provisional Admission letters are issued to students.
    4. Upon receipt of our communication for provisional admission, payment of the One-Time Non-Refundable Registration, Admission and Infrastructure/Development Fee and 50% of the Annual Education Fee becomes due within 2 weeks from the date of the provisional admission offer. Failure to do so may result in the seat being offered to another student.
    5. Provisional Admission: For students who don’t live in and around Bangalore, a provisional admission offer to grades Pre K to 8 will be made based on submission of the completed application form and prescribed documents. For Grades 9 to 12, admission is offered based on a review of the completed application form, previous academic records of the student and placement test results. A seat is blocked once the One Time Non-Refundable Registration, Admission and Infrastructure/Development Fee and 50% of the Annual Education Fee has been paid. However admission to grades 9 to 12 is provisional until the school has met with the student and parents/authorized guardians.
    6. To expedite the admission process, for parents and students who are unable to visit Inventure, a Skype interview can be arranged for Teacher Parent meetings. For grades 9 -12 your child’s current school may be requested to administer the placement test before the Parent Principal meeting. The admission process is completed once the Transfer certificate and Pass certificate or equivalent documents from the previous school are received (where applicable), One Time Non-Refundable Registration, Admission and Infrastructure/Development Fee and 50% of the Annual Education Fee have been paid. For International (including NRIs) students, a written declaration from the previous school, stating the grade he/she has completed will be required.
    7. The balance due by 1st April 2014 includes:
      • 100% of Security Deposit, 50% of Transport Fee and Meal Plan Fee, 100% of Books, Stationary and Educational Supplies(online and offline learning resources).
      • 100% of Class Outbound and Life Skills Trip.
      • If applicable 50% of Learning lab Fee, ESL and Language Fee.

      (Please refer to the Fee Notification / Fee Policy for details).

    8. All Fees (both one time and annual / recurring) paid are non-refundable.
    9. Pre-registration: You can register your child in advance by completing the Application Form and paying the One Time Non-Refundable Registration, Admission and Infrastructure/Development fee.The pre-registration is valid for two years from the day of registration. If your child does not gain admission, the amount paid is forfeited. Admission is granted provisionally till the child is of school-going age and able to go through the admission process. At the time of actual admission, the differential in the Admission and Registration Fees will have to be paid along with the appropriate fees applicable at that time.If you have any question about our admission process, please email us at [email protected]
  • Admission form :Login to View
  • Admission Criteria :Login to View

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CCE implemented

Teacher Student ratio : Login to View

Board : Login to View

Number of classrooms : Login to View

Total teachers :Login to View

Computer Aided learning : Login to View

Grad teachers


Total Number of Students :Login to View

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Principal's message

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Co-curricular Activities

The curriculum at Inventure Academy cultivates new ways of thinking, seeing and processing ideas in children’s minds. Taking best practices from both contemporary as well as traditional tenets of education, we have custom-created a programme that is highly experiential, contextual, activity-oriented and based on multidisciplinary teaching approaches.

Inventure Academy is an international school, and we follow the guidelines set by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) & Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) Boards of Education. CISCE offers ICSE and ISC examinations, and CIE offers the Cambridge International Primary Assessment Test (CIPAT) Checkpoint, IGCSE & AS/A level exams.

We recognize that children learn and express their intelligence in several ways beyond the conventional ones of the linguistic and mathematical. We provide opportunities for the exploration, demonstration and honing of these Multiple Intelligences (MI). The Theory of Constructivism, which advocates experiential learning, informs our enquiry-led model. For younger children, we follow the principles of Differentiated Learning. Therefore, what our children learn, how they learn, and the ways in which they articulate their learning are influenced by each child’s own pace of absorption, readiness, interests and strengths. This is in keeping with the fundamental belief that drives all that we do at Inventure Academy – that every child is unique.

At the Primary level, we follow an integrated curriculum based on NCERT (National Council of Education Research and Training) and the Cambridge International Primary Programme (CIPP) guidelines.

In Middle School we follow an experiential, enquiry-based approach, with a curriculum based on guidelines provided by the ICSE & IGCSE. Children are encouraged to explore subjects in depth, and in parallel, which often culminates in integrated projects.

In Secondary & Senior Secondary School, academic rigour, varied prescribed reading and supervised forays into the internet stimulate, synthesise and co-ordinate learning. Students are guided in their preparations for their ICSE, IGCSE and A/AS level board exams.

Inventure Academy has a specialized strategy to nurture the potential and intellectual abilities of students with Special Education Needs (SEN). Based on ongoing observations, and formal and informal assessments, an Individualized Education Plan(IEP) is drawn up by special educators for each child, keeping in mind his / her strengths and developmental needs. Accordingly, students attend the Learning Lab or are placed in the Accelerated Learning Programme or English as a Second Language programme.

Inventure Academy puts a huge emphasis on sport. We aim to create an awareness of the crucial importance of regular physical activity and fitness, teamwork and a keen, positive competitive spirit, and of carrying these forward into adulthood. In our view, nothing equips children better for life than participation in sport.

    • Sport is compulsory for all our students from every grade (Pre K-12), and on a daily basis. Our Physical Education and Sports component is modelled on the PE4Life system used in the US and the National Academy of Sports and Medicine’s Optimum Performance Training.
    • Inventure Academy and PeakFitness Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. have collaborated on a programme to create a progressive and systematic approach to Physical Education, and higher development in sports training at the school level.
      The programme for the different age / grade levels is as follows:


      • Kindergarten to Grade 4: Basics of motor development skills / gross movement patterns / fun with sports and fitness.
      • Grades 5 & 6: Exposure to multiple sports / track & field.
      • Grades 7 & 8: Identification of proficiency in any particular sport or game.
      • Grades 9, 10 & 11: Specialized focus on the sport or game of choice.

We teach younger children how to train the various systems of the human body (e.g. the Balance system, Power system, Strength system, etc.) using various fun activities like the Climbing Wall (for strength and balance) and speed and agility drills (to enhance performance in their chosen sports).

    • An Adventure Course runs through the school. It is designed to challenge the child’s physical fitness, co-ordination as well as individual and team sportsmanship.
    • Trained coaches guide children in team and individual sports like cricket, football, basketball, tennis, table tennis as well as athletics.
    • Annual Sports Days applaud spirit and skills on the sports field and healthy inter-house competition. All students are expected to participate in at least one event. The school band, “Brilliant Brass” performs at this and other occasions.
    • After-school activities include soccer, basketball and athletics. In addition, school teams have a rigorous two-hour practice session every Saturday. And believing, as we do, in striving for the highest standards, we have formed associations with the following specialist third party organisations to train students who have the ability, capability or motivation for superior levels of sporting achievement.
  • Children are coached in tennis by Zeeshan Ali and his team of coaches:
    The Zeeshan Ali Tennis Academy (ZATA) at Inventure is a world class tennis coaching facility headed by former Indian Davis Cupper Zeeshan Ali. ZATA at Inventure intends to offer the benefits of a tennis based sports curriculum that is carefully designed to bring out the best in every child, both on and off court.

The belief in a well-rounded education is taken a step further at Inventure Academy through PODs, which are interest-based electives offered to Grade 6 and upwards. The term is coined from the idiom, ‘peas in a pod’ denoting the coming together of similar interests. The PODS curricula and activities are collaboratively designed by students and teachers, and focus on kindling talents and skills, and then honing them.

Students choose from the Co-Curricular options below as their POD for the year:

  • Music
  • Dance
  • Art
  • Environment
  • Robotics
  • Model United Nations
  • Fitness
  • Media

There is a performance or presentation during the year that celebrates the student’s creative output. Our methodology includes co-operative learning, roleplay, multimedia tools, field trips , inner reflection, and much more.

Besides PODS, art, dance and music are a part of the child’s activities till Grade 8.


    • Classroom Size: up to 900 sq ft net area.
    • Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Math Laboratories.
    • 3 computer labs.
    • Library with a resource/research facility for faculty.
    • Learning lab for students with special learning needs.
    • 3 amphitheatres.
    • Activity, fine arts & performing arts areas.
    • Five tennis courts and basketball court.
    • Cricket Pitch, artificial soccer turf, athletics track.
    • A large sand pit play area.
    • Swimming pool.
    • Gym.
    • Adventure (Obstacle) course, including a climbing wall.
    • Dining hall with attached kitchen.
    • Multi-Sports facilities including Tennis and Basketball Courts.
    • Flow Room, for the enjoyment of Multiple Intelligence based interests.
    • Health clinic with a qualified nurse and a doctor on call.
    • Dining hall with attached kitchen.
  • Computer Aided Learn :  
  • Playground :  
  • Medical :  
  • Disable Friendly :  
  • Lab :   N/A
  • Teachers :  34
  • Libary :  
  • Number of classrooms :  20
  • Books in library :  15000
  • Mid day Meal :  Not provided
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Inventure Academy Whitefield – Sarjapur Road Chikkavaderapura Near Dommasandra Circle Bangalore – 562 125