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St. Columbas School,Gole Market, New Delhi

St. Columbas School,Gole Market, New Delhi

Delhi ,110001

Rating : 5.00/5.0

Location : Delhi      Founded  :1941     Number of views : 3554

5.00/5.0 ,

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St. Columbas School,Gole Market, New Delhi


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School Ratings Overall, Academically and Facilities.
  • Overall rating : 5.00
  • Academic rating : 5.00
  • Facilities rating : 5.00

About School : St. Columbas School,Gole Market, New Delhi

St. Columba’s School is a highly acclaimed Christian Brothers institution. Amongst the best schools in the country, it Is widely known because of its prime location in the very heart of Lutyen’s Delhi and because of its long list of distinguished alumni.

Albeit a late entrant to the Christian Bothers family. St. Columba’s took next to no time to become their premier school. St. Columba’s, which began in 1941 with a small complement of 32 students, now has over 3400 students with many names on the waiting list for admission. The school’s impact and continuations in the field of education was duly acknowledged by The Education Quality Foundation of India (EQFI) when it select. St. Columba’s as the most deserving recipient of “The Whole School Award” for dissemination of quality education.

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St. Columbas School,Gole Market, New Delhi is a English medium school located in Delhi. The foundation stone for the school was laid in 1941.

It is administered as a Private Unaided School school under Cong.Of Christian Brothers In India. School is affiliated with Cbse. It comes under New Delhi district of Delhi. School is Boys school.

School imparts education for Primary With Upper Primary And Secondary And Higher Secondary(1-12). Total strength of students is Login to View . Lowest grade being 1 grade Highest grade being 12 grade .


About the School

  • Education Level : Primary With Upper Primary And Secondary And Higher Secondary(1-12)
  • Total Students :Login to View
  • District : New Delhi
  • Zone : 26
  • Residential School : FALSE
  • Total members : 18


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Principal's message

About principal

Principal Br. E V MIRANDA has been associated with this St. Columbas School,Gole Market, New Delhi .

Message -

Thank you for the warm welcome I have received from all of you. Your friendliness and openness has been the encouragement, if I ever needed it, to enter whole heartedly into my responsibilities at St Columba’s.

I am passionate about my vocation as a Christian Brother and the God-given opportunity it gives to me help lead especially, but not solely, the young people on campus to discover themselves and give them the flying start they deserve in life.

Life, as we experience it today, is so dynamic and exciting - a wonderful world in which to live ! I am not blind to the very real challenges our world faces. But confident that there is a loving and caring God who sees the big picture, I choose not to be bogged down by negativity and to try and take up difficulties as opportunities; to set aside negativity and be positive; to focus on what can be achieved rather than curse the darkness.

Knowing that the Divine believes in me, in us and future of the world and the universe, I see my vocation as passing on this confidence to especially the young people at school, but as importantly to the members of the staff who actually interact directly with the young people and parents.

Bro Edwin D’Souza (the Community Leader), Mrs Anita Ghai (Headmistress: Junior School), Mrs Sangeeta Sheel (Headmistress : Middle School), Mrs Iris Fredrick (Administrator : Senior School) and myself have already begun working very closely together as the Core Team which will, with the respective staffs in the different sections of the school, the Administrative Staff and our co-workers, continue to create a vibrant environment at St. Columba’s, conducive to the educative process.

I am encouraged that the Alumni, who through the OCA and significantly the OCT, have been proactive in supporting the members of the Province Leadership Team, Ministries Office and the Principals in ensuring that their Alma mater shines brightly into future years.

I look forward to working with the members of the PTA and all parents, many of whom I have already met through the meetings with parents which have been organised in the Junior and Middle school.

The C.B.S.E. in its Continuous and Comprehensive Assessment tools provide an excellent and most holistic framework in which we seek to guide the growth and development of the students. Understand this context (the details are on the school website) will be immense benefit to students, parents and teachers as we work together in this great endeavour.

The School motto “SapareAude” (Dare to be Wise / Know) with the maxims “Sincere et Constanter” (Sincere and Constant) and “We Care” continue to be and always be our guiding norms.

Let us seek confidence in the Divine and bless the world around us as we move towards our destiny.

Principal, St. Columba’s School
[email protected]

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Co-curricular Activities



The pride of the St. Columba’s school is its Personality Development Programme. The school encourages students to broaden their horizon and identify hidden talents and passions. The students are able to participate in a variety of dedicated hobby clubs for One and a Half Hours, once a week. Students enjoy the fun and interactive activities on offer. The students participate in a range of games and activities in a relaxed and happy atmosphere.

There is gamut of clubs for the students to choose from and each child has to participate in one club. The clubs include:-

  • Dramatics
  • Debates
  • Maths
  • Drums
  • Guitar and English Vocal
  • Cooking
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Quiz
  • Indian Vocal Singing
  • Computer Club
  • Story Telling
  • Disaster Management



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1, Ashok Place, Near Gole Dakhana, Gole Market, New Delhi, Delhi 110001