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5.00/5.0 ,

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Sardar Patel Vidyalaya


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  • SPV Specific Age (For those born between 1st April 2012 to 30th September,2012) - 5
  • Neighbourhood details as specified in the School website and Notice Board (maximum 20 points) - 20  max
  • First Born Child - 5
  • Sibling Studying In Sardar Patel Vidyalaya - 10
  • Alumnus Mother /Father If Either Parents/Alumnus 5 Points ,If Both Parents Alumni 10 - 10
  • Promotion/Recognition As Specified In The School Website And Notice Board (Maximum 20 Points) - 20

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School Ratings Overall, Academically and Facilities.
  • Overall rating : 5.00
  • Academic rating : 5.00
  • Facilities rating : 5.00

About School : Sardar Patel Vidyalaya

Inspired by the ideals of Sardar Patel, the Gujarat Education Society established, in 1958, Sardar Patel Vidyalaya to meet the diverse educational needs of the Capital of independent India.

The Gujarat Education Society which established the Vidyalaya manages the Vidyalaya through elected representatives in the Governing Body. The Governing Body lays down the direction, the policies and the guidelines for the Vidyalaya and monitors its performance on an on going basis.

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Sardar Patel Vidyalaya is a English medium school located in Delhi. The foundation stone for the school was laid in 1957.

It is administered as a Private Unaided School school under Gujarat Education Society Regi. School is affiliated with Cbse. It comes under New Delhi district of Delhi. School is Co-Ed school.

School imparts education for Primary With Upper Primary And Secondary And Higher Secondary(1-12). Total strength of students is Login to View . Lowest grade being 1 grade Highest grade being 12 grade .


About the School

  • Education Level : Primary With Upper Primary And Secondary And Higher Secondary(1-12)
  • Total Students :Login to View
  • District : New Delhi
  • Zone : 26
  • Residential School : FALSE
  • School Management Committe : True
  • Total members : 16
  • Parent Teacher Association :


  • Admission Dates :Login to View
  • Admission Last Date :Login to View
  • Written test : True
  • Education Board : Cbse
  • Higher Secondary Board : Cbse
  • Written Test : True
  • Admission Process :


    • Please carefully note the date and time of your appointment at the Vidyalaya for verification of documents and be present at least 10 minutes before the time.
    • No change in the schedule of appointments will be entertained.If the appointment is missed, it will not be rescheduled.
    • Please carry an Identity document to prove your identity.
    • Mobile phones will not be allowed inside the premises of the Vidyalaya.  Please leave them in your vehicles.
    • Please carry your documents/papers in clear and transparent.


  • Admission Criteria :Login to View

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CCE implemented

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Board : Login to View

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Principal's message

About principal

Principal Mr. Anuradha Joshi has been associated with this Sardar Patel Vidyalaya for 20 years. Of which 12 years as administrative experience and 8 years has been as teaching experience. Mr. Anuradha Joshi has M. Sc. , B. Ed. as education background

Message -

At the Vidyalaya, we believe that young people grow and learn through experiences. Out of experience come certain general guides to behaviour. These guidelines give direction to our lives and may be called "Values".

Since we see values as growing from students' experience we would expect that these could be modified as experiences accumulate and change. Hence, processes are as important as product. We therefore encourage children to make informed choices and to make them freely. Help children discover alternatives when faced with choices, weigh alternatives thoughtfully reflecting on the consequences of each alternative. Encourage children to consider what it is that they prize and cherish, give them opportunities to affirm their choices, encourage them to act, behave and live in accordance with their choices. The most pleasant physical environment of the School, the beautiful garden, and general air of order and organized functioning adds in no small measure to the value of a conducive environment in which to grow up in and from which to learn.

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Co-curricular Activities

SPV is very active in terms of co curricular activities.

The Morning assembly is a perfect start to an action packed day. For a short 20 odd minutes children are helped to calm down and prepare for learning. The assembly is held, during winter, on the school grounds. The trees, the chirping birds and the early morning sky help children turn inwards after an invigorating session of free hand exercises conducted by a student. In summer, the assembly is held in the Vidyalaya's auditorium.

The Vidyalaya provides several forums for children to overcome shyness and confidently take centre stage. From the start, class discussions (at all levels), Home Room debates on crucial issues, C.A's and class programs provide ample opportunity for even the shyest child to stand up and speak.The faculty spends hours at practices and rehearsals, often staying back after school hours to help children polish up their act. What is unusual is that adult intervention is kept to the minimum, thus ensuring that success is earned and the resulting confidence, permanen

STORY-TELLING FESTIVAL - An inter school story telling festival was organized in the 50th year of our independence. The theme for the festival was "freedom" and about 12 schools from all over Delhi were invited to "tell" their stories using various media-ballet, skit, mime, shadow - play, dance and the ever popular simple narration with full expression & tonal nuances. The stories were narrated in Hindi or English. Teams of 6-8 children presented stories on behalf of their schools. 

Leadership training : 

The Vidyalaya attaches great importance to this and has devised many programmes for imparting leadership training, chief among them being our students’ Executive Body. From Class VI onwards, pupils in each section elect six monitors (once again guided by the policy of maximum participation rather than minority elitism), each incharge of six different areas such as discipline, cleanliness, etc. The class section by secret ballot, are like our Assembly Elections at the state level.

SPV values sports and has a lot of after school coaching programs.

Here's a short video showcasing SPVs initiatives for getting kids into sports:

Clubs for the Middle School, and Work Experience for the Senior School is the Vidyalaya’s way to help children learn new skills in the Arts, Music, Chess, Theatre, Clay Modeling, Crafts, Cooking and Computer basics. In middle school, children have a weekly session where children very often discover their latent talents. Often they find an enduring interest in something outside the curriculum. Teachers having special skills in each of these areas plan the activity filled courses. Occasionally resource persons, not on the staff, are also invited to conduct classes.

The High School students also attend a weekly session for Work Experience. In addition to the courses offered in the middle school, the senior students have added choices of batik, gardening, poster making, painting, quiz and poetry appreciation.

At year's end, student performance is graded. For students of Board classes grades are sent to the CBSE. An interesting fall out of having Clubs and Work Experience is that very often our own ex-students come back to conduct workshops in a skill they had learnt at school.


    • Canteen 
    • Medical Center
    • Auditorium
    • Elevator
    • Science  Labs
    • Arts And Crafts center 

    Indoor Activities like Clay and Plasticine modeling, stringing beads, stitching, drawing and painting, printing, cutting, pasting, tearing, playing with pre-school apparatus, etc. involve students the primary and senior school.

    Clubs for the Middle School, and Work Experience for the Senior School is SPV way to help children learn new skills in the Arts, Music, Theatre, Clay Modeling, Crafts, Cooking and Computer basics. The activities are carried out in specially designated rooms.

    Outdoor Activities like Yearly Class Trips, Visiting Monuments etc of historical importance are a part of the school.

  • Computer Aided Learn :  
  • Playground :  
  • Medical :  
  • Disable Friendly :  
  • Lab :   N/A
  • Teachers :  87
  • Libary :  
  • Number of classrooms :  22
  • Books in library :  23997
  • Mid day Meal :  Na

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